We help align environmental priorities with investment goals


A 10-000 Foot View

We provide effective investment solutions to clients who are highly conscious of the environmental impact of their investments. The guiding light in these efforts has been to achieve the dual goal of efficiently taking into account sustainability considerations while building robust investment solutions expected to grow savings for future consumption.
The resulting strategies systematically evaluate sustainability metrics among companies across all major industries, excluding or penalizing companies that rank poorly while emphasizing companies with higher sustainability scores. At the same time, the strategies are broadly diversified and target the sources of higher expected returns while minimizing turnover and trading costs and ensuring broad diversification across countries, industries, and companies. Ultimately, by combining an integrated approach to sustainability investing with a robust investment design, Dimensional offers investment solutions for investors who want to pursue higher expected returns while upholding their environmental values.

Portfolio Considerations

Investing risks include loss of principal and fluctuating value. Sector-specific investments can also increase these risks. Sustainability impact considerations may limit investment opportunities available to the Portfolio. For more detail regarding the risks affecting our sustainability portfolios, please contact us.

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